Give Your Child a Global Future!

Slovak-English education from the 1st grade at any Slovak primary school.


How does it all work? It's simple! Are you interested in having your child take subjects from the elementary school in English starting from the first grade? Education in two languages simultaneously, both in Slovak and English. Write to us, and together, we will create a completely new program at your school.

English made intuitive and easy

We integrate the English language into the teaching of standard subjects and activities.

English accent for life

English-speaking educators lead the English language lessons.

Proven method

Bilingválne vzdelávanie odskúšané viac ako 10 rokmi praxe.

At any elementary school in Slovakia.

Education for the future.

Starting from the first grade

Children learn best up to the age of 10.

No more language courses

12 hours of English per week within regular instruction and engaging afternoon activities.

More than just conversing

Your child will learn to express and think in English.

for a webinar

We organize a weekly half-hour webinar with all the information about the BILIS program.